Mon, 30 Oct 2017

45th Tokyo Motor Show Overview

Honda heads to the 45th Tokyo Motor Show with an interesting range of new concepts and technology including the new GL1800 Goldwing and the new Neo Sports Café! We check out 9 things you might’ve missed so far.

Honda Riding Assist-e

The Honda Riding Assist-e is an experimental motorcycle that utilises Honda’s proprietary balance-control technologies. The objectives: to offer motorcycle riders greater peace of mind, and to make life with motorcycles more fun by mitigating the risk of a fall.

45th Tokyo Motor Show

Super Cub 110

A special model produced exclusively for the Tokyo Motor Show, the Super Cub 110 commemorates the 100 million-unit global production milestone, as well as the 60th anniversary of the Super Cub taking place in 2018.

45th Tokyo Motor Show

Super Cub C125

The Super Cub C125 is an evolution of the first-generation Super Cub’s form and functionality. Key details: electric seat opener, smart key, ample power and, naturally, supreme comfort.

45th Tokyo Motor Show

Monkey 125

A 125cc monkey bike with a horizontal, single-cylinder engine, the Monkey 125 has unique features such as LED lights and digital meters.
45th Tokyo Motor Show

Gold Wing Tour / Gold Wing

The new Honda Gold Wing has had a complete model change, packing new technologies such as a newly developed, horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engine, seven-speed DCT and Honda’s original double wishbone suspension. The Gold Wing is planned to go on sale through Honda’s new ‘Honda Dream’ sales channel to be launched in April 2018.

45th Tokyo Motor Show

PCX Electric

The PCX Electric is an electric scooter equipped with a high-output motor and a ‘Honda Mobile Power Pack’ (essentially a detachable mobile battery pack). The scooter is scheduled to go on sale next year in Asia.

45th Tokyo Motor Show

Cross Cub 110

Sporting a crossover style that suits both urban and rural riding, the Cross Cub 110 is a tough new motorcycle with wide tires and a large leg shield.

45th Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Chair-Mobi Concept
The Honda Chair-Mobi Concept is a chair-type mobility product that can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. Its compact size and small turning radius mean it can fit into tight spaces, and its height-adjustable seat maintains a level position while being driven uphill and downhill. The objective is simple: enable the user to manoeuvre with the full flexibility of a pedestrian.

45th Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Ai-Miimo Concept

Based on the Honda Miimo, the Honda Ai-Miimo Concept is a self-propelled electric robotic lawn mower which, thanks to its sophisticated AI, can not only communicate with its user, but support them in their everyday life. Honda has developed the Ai-Miimo Concept to ‘bring smiles and pleasant moments to people’s lives, just like a pet or family member.’