Thu, 12 Apr 2018

7 Essential tips to secure your bike

With the number of stolen bikes increasing by 50% between 2014 and 2016, and around 15,000 scooters being stolen in London between 2016 and 2017, it’s more important than ever to take all the possible precautions to secure your bike.

If that wasn’t bad enough, many of the bikes stolen were used to commit crimes. Be sure to listen to this advice, courtesy of the Metropolitan police, to make sure that your bike remains yours!

Secure your bike

1. Fix a lock to either, or preferably both the frame or rear wheel.

Where possible, try not to leave the bike lock on the ground. According to the Police, thieves use this to their advantage, smashing them to pieces on the road, pavement or whatever they can find. Try to secure them to the frame and/or rear wheel, never the front wheel, as this is easily removed.

Secure your bike

2. If possible, use more than one lock

The metropolitan Police recommend that using multiple locks, preferable of different types. For example, a disc lock with a chain lock. One lock looks great to a thief, two, getting harder, three – good luck.

Secure your bike

3. Connect your lock to a fixed, unmovable object

Thieves have been known to lift an entire bike into a van and do of with it. The Met’s advice: “Secure your bike to an immovable object, such as ground anchors, railings or lamp posts.”

Secure your bike

Hide in plain sight

Parking your bikes in plain sight gives you a better chance of being in the line of site with a CCTV camera. There are around 13,924 CCTV camera in London alone. Stick to well-lit locations, close to foot traffic and cameras.

Secure your bike

Conceal your bike with a cover

The more barriers you put in front of the bad guys, the better. Thieves are often out for specific models, using a cover could make all the difference, especially if you’ve bought yourself a beautiful new Honda!
Secure your bike

Be extra vigilant in summer

Bikes are in higher demand when the sun’s out! You’re more likely to have your ride stolen in summer, when more are on the road and parking spaces are harder to come by.

Secure your bike

Secure your garage

If you’ve got a garage, awesome! If you’ve got a garage with windows? Not so awesome… Do yourself a solid, whack some bars on them, close that open invitation to the thieves.