Mon, 19 Feb 2018

8 Top Highlights of 2018

1) Honda’s 70th anniversary

Hondas 70th Anniversary

Honda started all the way back in 1948 on September 24th with just 34 employees. In those 70 years the company has become the 20th most valuable company in the world and the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, a position Honda has held since 1959!




2) The Super Cub reached 60!

The Super Cub reached 60

Since the Super Cub broke onto the scene back in 1958, Honda have sold over 100 million of them, cementing its place in history not only as the world most produced motorcycle of all time, but the worlds most produced motor vehicle of all time! Cubs are still used around the world, sometimes even to get around the world!


3) Honda to treat us to three new cafe racer styled bikes!

Honda new Cafe Racer Styled Bike

This year we will get three all-new classically inspired café racer style naked bikes. The CB125R, the CB300R and the CB1000R. The CB1000R+ will also be available pre fit with premium accessories and quick-shifter. The bikes will be released between February and May.


4) New Africa Twin Adventure Sports

A New Africa Twin Adventure Sport

Celebrating 30 years since its European debut, the legendary go anywhere machine is getting a new lease of life! Honda have made the riding position higher, improved the suspension for greater ground clearance, extended the fairing, throttle by wise with 3 riding modes and expanded selectable torque control amongst other upgrades


5) A New Africa Twin

A New Africa Twin

The new Twin is due back in April lighter and more adventurous than ever before. Back in 2017 40 of the bikes were put through a gruelling 3,500km expedition throughout Europe, the bikes barely batted an eye lid as they tackled the most brutal of terrains.


6) A Brand new Goldwing 

A Brand New Goldwing

Honda are setting the gold standard for touring bikes with the new Goldwing, set to touch European soil in 2018. The bike pair’s immense power with luxury refinement and according to the bikes world project leader the new bike is just as elegant and versatile in the city as it is on the open road.


7) The new CRF250R

The New CRF250R

The 2018 model will feature a new twin cam engine with twin exhausts and a new chassis. According to the team that developed it it’s “an absolute holeshot machine” which loosely translates into the queens English as “it goes like s**t off a shovel!” Now with an improved power to weight ratio, better traction, it’s a championship ready MX machine.


8) The X-ADV is back with upgrades

The ADV is back with upgrades

The world’s first SUV crossover motorcycle has been rebooted for 2018 with 21 litres of under seat storage, two levels of Honda selectable torque control and a new ‘G’ switch for better gear changes and improved rear wheel traction when on looser terrains.


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