Tue, 20 Mar 2018

Fireblade Mean Mower

Fireblade Mower

Honda builds a new 135mph Fireblade powered 189bhp mower to beat world record

Honda’s second attempt at breaking the mowing record, built by Honda’s Team Dynamics BTCC Racing Team
Mean Mower Mk2 features a Fireblade engine, capable of 135mph
Current record is help by Norwegian Speed Factory team (134mph)
Honda’s previous mower record was 117mph

The NSX will easily do 191mph, the blade 180mph and the Type R will max out at 155mph, but this can do 134mph and mow your lawn at the same time.

Honda has never shied away from a challenge and building things that aren’t road going vehicles. Since the company began they’ve manufactured motorised bicycles, power tools, generators, jet skis, planes gardening equipment and much more. 

Fireblade Mean Mower

Now they’ve combined their legendary super bike with their latest sit on lawn mower, for the ultimate grass cutting thrills. How easy is it to cut grass whilst doing donuts? How quickly would the cuttings bag fill up at 134mph? Who cares, this is awesome! 

Back in 2014, Honda released the Mk1 Mean mower which featured a 1,000cc 109bhp V-twin engine bolted to a HF2620 lawn mower. This Frankenstein topped out at 116.57mph, a record that didn’t last long.

The Norwegian Speed factory team took this to the next level, bolting a V8 corvette engine to a Viking T6 mower. This feat of engineering smashed Honda’s record hitting 134mph in 2015.

This year, Honda are hitting back. Taking a 189bhp Fireblade engine and dumping it into a custom mower frame, extended to house the engine. They’ve reduced the weight with a carbon-fibre bucket seat adding a racing steering wheel, lightweight wheels with slick tyres, traction control and ABS.

Watch this space to see if Honda reclaim the mowing crown.