Mon, 04 Feb 2019

Honda turns the range to gold to celebrate 50 years in Australia

Honda turns the range to gold to celebrate 50 years in Australia 

This year marks the 50th year of Honda’s presence in Australia. To celebrate the occasion, Honda has enlisted the help of a Melbourne based wrapping company to create a gold version of every single product in the Honda Range. Not just cars, or bikes, but their lawn mowers and outboard engines too! Probably not their private jets though…

Pictured in the official photos from Honda, looking like they’ve been dipped in gold were the Type R, the NSX, Fireblade, CRF450L, CRF50F, a Mower and a portable generator.

Although a handful of private companies were importing and selling Honda products throughout the 50’s, it was only in 1969 that Honda officially sent Mr. Hidehiko Shiomi to Melbourne to set up shop representing Honda in Australia.

Honda Australia’s chief executive Hiroyuki Shimizu says the global brand delivers a wide range of
products and services that help make people’s lives more enjoyable.

“We thought about how we could celebrate our birthday and our unique diversity in a bold and fun way. I mean, who has ever seen a golden lawn mower or generator before,” he says.

Although these models are one off’s for promotional purposes, we may see a range of special edition vehicles come to market to celebrate the milestone down under.