Mon, 15 Oct 2018

Inside Hondas Stunning Collection Hall

Just three years after the first true Honda, the Dream D-Type two-wheeler was built, Soichiro Honda set himself on a fact-finding mission to America. It was there that he saw the world’s best precision machinery in action, he knew then that the equipment would be paramount in his success. He headed back to Japan adamant that the equipment was necessary for his ambitions to succeed. He then decides to in vest 450 million Yen in machinery, baring in mind that his fledging firm’s operating capital was around 6 million yen at the time.

It’s incredible to think that he took his company from building 0.5bhp motorcycles little faster than walking pace, to winning he 250cc and 300cc classes of Grand Prix Motorcycling in just over a decade.
Ever since Honda has been known to build sublime combustion engines of incredible power and reliability – just take the Honda Super Cub for example, this motorcycle has been on the market since 1958 with little changes in 60 years! Oh, and it’s sold over 100 million units.

Honda’s collection hall holds all of their incredible feats of engineering from the Dream D-Type right through to present, as well as a breath-taking collection of racing machines and road cars from history. There’s also some nuts stuff in their too, such as a tiny plastic bodied two-wheeler that looks like a cassette tape and some famous F1 cars.


Honda Collection Hall Honda Collection Hall Honda Collection Hall