Tue, 29 May 2018

Motorcycle collector sells 60 bike collection on Craigslist

This incredible collection of vintage mint condition metal is a sight to behold! Thank god they’re on the other side of the Atlantic, otherwise there would be a lot of explaining to do to many significant others…

Rarely do you come across vintage vehicles online at a genuinely affordable price, how about finding 60 of them at a price that nobody could resist!

This collection is comprised of many different bikes, including a list of Honda CB’s as long as your arm. Also on the list is a handful of 60s/70s Yamaha’s, Kawasaki’s and a Royal Enfield.


Why the seller has all of a sudden decided to sell the entire collection is a mystery, perhaps he needs some bail money or his partner is sick of the bikes getting all of the attention.

Prices start from around $2,600 and up, offering those looking to jump on board with the hipster café racer/scrambler revival a great chance to own a real classic bike.

Getting into the specifics, the roster includes a Honda CB100, 125, 750, CL77 and 200, Yamaha G7S and XS650, a 1968 Kawasaki Avenger… pretty much anything Japanese and retro is available. Other models offered include 1969 Yamaha cs3 200 with an electric starter, 1966 Honda CB450 K0 Black Bomber, 1972 Yamaha G7S 80cc Scrambler, 1965 Honda CB77 Superhawk, 1967 Kawasaki W2 650 and 1970 Honda CL350 with split exhaust pipes on both sides.

If the few thousand miles between you and your dream bike doesn’t faze you, the collection in Delaware, 55 miles North of Chesapeak Bay bridge.


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