Mon, 09 Jul 2018

Next generation Honda CBX in the works – patent drawings revealed

  • Retro sports bike in the pipe line
  • Concept expected for the EICMA Motor Show this year

For those that don’t remember the original Honda CBX, it was a 6 cylinder, yes… 6-cylinder superbike built between 1978 and 1982. The engine was an inline 1047cc 6 cylinder with 105bhp. The bike was a site to behold, housing a massive and impressive engine with lots of beautiful exhaust pipe detail.

That was 40 years ago now and bike styling has moved on. In the light of the recent retro-styled motorcycle hipster hype train, manufacturers have been pumping out classically influenced bikes all over the shop. Honda have come close to café styling with the CB1100RS and the new Neo Sports bikes, but newly leaked patent drawings reveal that Honda might be looking to go full hog, with a brand new six-cylinder retro superbike!

It’s true that the renderings could just be a design exercise, a prototype of another wild concept, but when you closely inspect the images, details all over the bike paint another picture. On closer inspection you’ll notice ABS speed sensors, the exhausts feeding into a catalytic converter, pillion foot pegs, indicators, a number plate mount and a few other road worthy details. That seems like too much effort for just a display prototype!

The rest of the bike is littered with all the features that any stunning café racer should have. Clip on handlebars behand a bull-shaped fairing, rear seat cowl and seating for one. No doubt the rear cowl will be adjustable to account for a pillion, just like the new CB1000R. this bike looks like Honda’s response to the Triumph Thruxton 1200R and the BMW RnineT Racer.

Keep your fingers crossed because this is only a design rendering. No specifications were leaked to confirm anything, so this is all hopefully speculation. However we can expect to see a prototype of this bike on the Honda stand at EICMA this year.

Next Gen CBX