Fri, 16 Feb 2018

The new 2018 CB1000R Neo Sports Café in 10 fast facts

Discover the new 2018 Honda CB1000R Neo Sports Café - the latest and hottest addition to Honda’s ‘Sport Naked’ range. It’s a classic café styled racer that salutes the yesteryear with modern technology

Some fast facts about this stunning ride include:

1. The CB1000R Neo Sports Café comes equipped with a 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine

2.  Capable of delivering a maximum power output of 143.5bhp @ 10,5000rpm – a 16% improvement on its predecessor

3.  Maximum torque of 104Nm at 8,250 rpm - a 5% upgrade compared with the outgoing model.

4. London, England was the birthplace of the café racer culture, a movement started in the 1950's by young riders who stripped their bikes to make them faster in the streets – hence Sport Naked and Neo Sports Cafe

5. There are three new members in Honda's Sport Naked family – the CB125R, CB3000R and the CB1000R

6. There is only SIX number of exterior components made out of plastic – the rest is made out of metal, just like a café racer should be.

7. 4% shorter geared than the previous model. You can reach 80mph in the first 3 gears and experience the pull that is even harder than the Fireblade!

8. Weighs in with a total kerb weight of 212kg, that's 12kg less than the previous design and  a 20% improvement of the power-to-weight ratio

9. Three preset riding modes that offer the ideal balance of engine power modes from Power (P), Engine Brake (EB) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

10. 7 Add-ons for the upgraded CB1000R+ which includes a quickshifter, metallic meter visor and heated grips.

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